Root Canals in Perkasie

How Do I know I need a root canal? 

If you have an infected tooth in Perkasie, you need to get a root canal from Dr. Cerdas at Perkasie Dental Loft right away. Tooth infections are typically caused either by oral trauma or by a deep, untreated cavity. Both of these issues can damage the outer layers of your tooth, exposing the interior tooth “pulp” to infection.

There are a few common signs that you can recognize to determine if you need a root canal. These include a painful and prolonged toothache, tooth sensitivity to hot and cold foods or to the pressure of chewing, inflamed and tender gum tissue near the affected tooth, swelling in your face or cheek, and fever. If you notice any of these issues, contact us for a root canal right away.


Why is preventive dental care important?

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Preventive dentistry if your foundation for a healthy smile. With regular cleanings and exams, small dental issues can be caught before they turn into large and costly problems. Preventive dental care along with a diligent at-home brushing and flossing routine can help prevent dental issues all together. It’s these small investments in your oral hygiene that lead to a beautiful, healthy smile.

Did you know…

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Dental plaque is made up of more than 300 different types of bacteria.

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Regular flossing allows you to clean an additional 40% of your tooth surface.

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Over 90% of American adults have had a cavity at some point in their lives.

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Did you know…

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Untreated tooth infections can cause serious health issues including sepsis, a life-threatening blood infection.

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What To Expect At Your Root Canal Appointment

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cleaning and numbing

To begin the process, Dr. Cerdas will clean the treatment area and numb the nerves below your treatment site to ensure you feel no pain or discomfort. Sedation is also available at Perkasie Dental Loft to keep you comfortable.

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tooth opening & Cleaning

Dr. Cerdas will clean away any damaged enamel, and make an opening in the tooth using a dental drill. Then, the inside of the tooth will be cleaned and sanitized to remove the infected pulp

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Filling & Restoring The tooth

Lastly, the tooth will be filled with a material called “gutta-percha” to strengthen it from the inside, and then it will be restored with a filling or a temporary crown. You may need to come in for another appointment to have a permanent crown placed.

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Will It Hurt To Get A Root Canal? 

No. Your mouth will be numbed with spray and a numbing needle before the procedure begins, which ensures you will feel absolutely no pain. Despite what popular culture may have you believe, root canals don’t hurt at all!

And while you may feel a little bit of tenderness for a day or two after your appointment, this is nothing compared to the pain and discomfort of a serious toothache. A toothache can be excruciatingly painful, and interfere with your ability to enjoy your day-to-day life. With a root canal at Perkasie Dental Loft, you can get permanent relief from your pain.

What Kind Of Aftercare Do I Need?

You don’t need to take any special precautions or take time off of work after your root canal appointment at Perkasie Dental Loft. There is no lengthy recovery process or special aftercare required to care for your new tooth.

Though your treatment site may feel a little bit sore for a day or two after your treatment. After a few days, you should feel absolutely no discomfort. If you continue to feel a lot of pain up to 1-2 weeks after your appointment, this is not normal. Contact us for a follow-up appointment right away. 

Did you know…

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Root canal treatment does not hurt.

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