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Dr. Lindsey Cerdas

Dr. Cerdas has worked hard for everything she’s achieved in life. As a graduate of both Millersville University and Temple University Dental School, she is the first in her family to go to college and obtain a doctorate. And with the opening of Perkasie Dental Loft, she has achieved her dream of practice ownership in a town just an hour away from where she grew up. 

Dentistry came second nature to Dr. Cerdas, as both her parents held jobs that required creativity and an eye for detail. She inherited these skills and threw herself into a field where she uses them daily. 

Her approach to dentistry is methodical and practical, catering each treatment to the patient’s particular needs. Dr. Cerdas prides herself on the in-office patient experience, creating a unique and special environment for each patient who sees her. 

Fair treatment for all

Everyone who visits Perkasie Dental Loft is treated with compassion, kindness, and respect because at Dr. Cerdas’s office the entire team operates on the same value: always treat others as you would like to be treated. 

There’s no compromising on this effort. We believe in fair, honest and respectful treatment toward every patient who enters our office. When you receive care at Perkasie Dental Loft, you can count on feeling comfortable and safe during every appointment. 

Take care of your dental needs, whatever they may be

It was important to Dr. Cerdas to feel comfortable treating any dental issue, and doing it well. That’s why at Perkasie Dental Loft, we offer a wide range of services to treat the problems that real patients experience every day. From basic prevention to complex restorative treatment to cosmetic services that make you feel more confident, you’ll have access to whatever you need at our office. 

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Dr. Cerdas is already accepting new patients, so give us a call at (267) 517-6670 to book your appointment today. Her office is located at 620 West Chestnut St, Suite 301, Perkasie, PA 18944. Stop by and say hello!

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